Success video: Kiwibot


Recently, ProducciónAparte had the opportunity to work with Kiwibot, one of the most innovative companies in Colombia. We made a series of videos showing the impressive work of these brilliant  entrepreneurs in the United States.

Kiwibot is a company that wants to automate deliveries around the world through its small robots, similar to those in a science fiction movie. This order delivery idea has already been implemented within different universities in the United States, including Endicott, Morgan State, Howard and Brandeis. We visited these universities and interviewed several members to tell us about their experience with this new way of sending and receiving orders.

Together with the Kiwibot team, we defined the message that we wanted to convey through the videos. In these, we show the impact, operation and potential of the use of these robots on campus. The sense of wonder and excitement shared by the students can be seen when they talk about the first time they saw these little robots rolling around their universities.

Thanks to these videos, many other people and universities will be able to find out about the great work of Kiwibot. Students, professors and other officials told us about the experience, ease of use and benefits that Kiwibot has brought to the university life. As it can mean help for the community with mobility difficulties on campus, or students who, before Kiwibot, had to run from one place to another and could not truly enjoy their food due to the long distances within the campus.

It’s been 10 years now that we’ve been helping a large number and variety of companies around the world to shape the message they want to share. We are pleased and proud to find great ideas like Kiwibot and many other companies full of innovation and power, to increase their businesses, give them visibility and economic growth.

Little by little, experience and time have given us the opportunity to work with world-class artists and brands. We are very excited to see what this upcoming year and those to come will bring us. Don’t wait any longer and let yourself be seen by the world! Get in contact with us.


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